Castlemaine Dips And The Environment

Castlemaine Dips is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and food waste.

We only manufacture product to order. This reduces waste in the production process and ensures our customers only receive fresh stock every time they place an order.

Our stores are encouraged to buy only what they can sell each week, guaranteeing their customers are getting the freshest Castlemaine Dips each week.  Stores rarely get stuck with product that runs out of date which results in less food being thrown out each week and ending up in landfill.our_environment

Because every dip made at Castlemaine Dips is sold before we make it, unlike many other manufacturers, we never waste raw ingredients, plastic containers, gas or electricity, manufacturing dips that cannot be sold.

We work with Sandhurst Recycling in Bendigo and are happy to say we recycle all of the plastic, steel and cardboard waste from our manufacturing processes.

All vegetable and kitchen scraps are composted for use on native plants. In good times the compost gets used on the garden. During the recent drought the compost pile was helping to keep the local wallaby and brush-tail possum populations alive. There was very little edible vegetation around in Central Victoria. Our wallabies and possums were frequent visitors to the compost heap and survived the drought feasting on pumpkin scraps and basil stalks.

We maintain a OzziClean waste water treatment plant which cleans all waste water from the manufacturing process which then flows into a reed bed. Clean water from the reed bed trickles into the dam which is home to snails, frogs, wood ducks, grey herons and lots of yabbies.

Castlemaine Dips runs exclusively on filtered rainwater which is collected in a 22,000 gallon tank from the factory roof.